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Promoting Collaborative Learning – a succesful experience Outubro 24, 2009

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In a quick browsing on the topic collaborative learning, I´ve come accross with a presentation focusing the use of wikis to promote collaborative learning.

You can see two examples on how to use a wiki both for online courses and for blended learning in this video of the presentation PROMOTING COLLABORATIVE LEARNING USING WIKIS  by Columbia Universtity  at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul9YM7QZZis&feature=related .

This presentation is quite interesting. It’s about the potential of the wikis to increase the quality of class participation, products and process of learning in a collaborative way.

Wikis are by definition collaborative tools that are very dynamic and interactive. The presentation enhances the advantages of using wikis, promoting collaborative teaching/ learning processes by a variety of tasks that can be done easily and in a more engaging way.

The video presents two examples in which the wikis were used in a very meaningful, engaging way to  promote collaborative work. This examples shows two  successful experiences from which we can have some insight on how to manage the assignments, provide students support, guidance and feedback.

They also show implicitly that the quality of work produced  and learning gains improved by using collaborative learning strategies.

I particularly enjoyed the second presentation,  because I also studied the subjects presented when I was in college. And I think it would have been so much interesting if we had had the opportunity to discuss our points of view on the works studied. I think that the way the teacher structured his wiki made the subject much more appealing and interesting because students are interacting both with the content and with each other, sharing  interesting  points of view.