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Glogster Fevereiro 16, 2010

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I’ve been doing some thinking and writing about what I’ve learnt in PPEL in order to write a final version of the reflection paper. I managed to write on some aspects I found most interesting on the readings and the work done  for this Curricular unit.  And I thought I could make it more  interactive and publish some parts. So here it is.

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Online teaching techniques ( version2) Fevereiro 10, 2010

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As everyone enjoyed the animoto version of the LO for the online teaching techniques, I improved slightly on the video, but kept the same structure because as previously explained, this LO was meant to introduce the general theme of the unit – online teaching techniques – not to explore it more deeply. The idea was to produce a LO that could caught people’s attention. As for other experiences in the becoming more proficient writing on the paint – the application used to produce the drawings – the improvements were not enough for a significant improvement on legibility. The other option was to write it all down with printed letters but I didn’t like the general effect. Still there is a slower version of this LO done with Windows movie maker. This one I think helps in the reading process.
There is a way to improve legibility as everyone suggested by using a technological device where we can write with a pen – a digitizing tablet.


Comments and reviews writen in the forum on the first video were very encouraging:

Hello all!

I’d like to comment the small video done by Helena Prieto because it was a real suprise to me. It shows the main online teaching techniques with interesting pictures and key words.

However, I think these techniques need an explanation to know them better, and some benefits and weaknesses could be presented too. If the author wants to maintain the aspect, this explanation could be done with voice and each page (slide) would be changed following the voice rhythm.

Helena, I congratulate you for the inspiration…



I’m going to review two learning objects: Helena’s and the one created by Marco, Maria Lurdes Martins and Teresa Fernandes.(…).
Helena’s short animation gets to the point in less than a minute and shows aspects of online teaching in a very funny way that reminded me of some movies from the National Film Board of Canada (and Norman McLaren’s experiments) and experimental films from the old eastern europe studios. The sound track was well choosen. Congrats. ( Joaquim Lopes)

The video produced by Helena are very beautiful and suggestive. Also chose the work because it had never worked with Animoto.com. I was surprised by the facility. Unfortunately, to make videos longer have to pay.
The work is very suggestive and uses strong colors. The work of synthesis that Helena had to perform before making the videos is also commendable.
Perhaps if we took more advantage of these videos if they were accompanied by other media, with more infomation. ( Luís Rodrigues)